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Leader as Coach: Coaching as a Leadership Approach, Mindset, and Process

“This course enabled me to really find my true self and understanding my strengths and weaknesses as a leader to help others. The great variety and depth of tools helped me deeply understand how to coach myself and others, both at work and also at home, working with my children. I did a coaching practice session for the course yesterday, and the feedback I got was that “you helped me a lot with my challenge, to reframe things, and really have clarity on what I want to achieve through this challenge. Thanks for helping me.” The tools and knowledge from Leader as Coach enable me to be a better person, and help others, guiding them through their path. I encourage others to consider the course as it provides a multi-faceted approach to coaching self, others, and the system. One of my teammates said that I was a good manager when I started taking this course and now I am becoming a great leader. This course has been very helpful in my making this transition. I have taken many leadership development programs and this is the best one I have taken to date.”

Kieun Oh, Director, Planning & Performance Analysis at AARP

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Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship

“I recommend this program to executives who have the vision of bringing their organization forward by embracing new technologies and the ever-changing startup environment. The learnings gained in this course have equipped me with techniques and tools that influence my decisions and approaches in pursuing new opportunities with more confidence.”

Maria Mia Gerarda Gutierrez, Senior Manager in the management consulting industry

Creative Strategy: Using Strategic Intuition to Solve Complex Challenges

“For someone who has worked in strategy, business development, and marketing for 15 years, I thought I had seen a lot and learned a lot. This course opened my eyes and made me challenge and reevaluate some of my beliefs. This ultimately makes me a better strategist and a more valuable contributor wherever I am.”

Behdad Banian, Corporate Strategy Development

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